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About us

Our Story

I have a background in Architecture and Finance and worked in corporate banking for a few years until I realised that my job was leading me down a path I wasn’t committed to pursuing. I needed a change, so I could create something meaningful. I realised life is about choices, we can choose to live a fulfilled and passionate life doing what we love when we have the courage and confidence to do so.

Fashion has always been a passion of mine, so I started to do some research. The more I learnt about the dark side of the industry, I realised how much devastation it’s having on garment workers and the planet. Learning the hard facts about the wastefulness of the fashion industry is uncomfortable and understanding the global impact of it can be life changing. I wanted to make a difference and be part of the positive change. That’s how KEEPER Denim was born.


The KEEPER Denim Movement

KEEPER Denim is owned, run and designed by women for women and it’s about more than jeans, it’s about an ethos. One that inspires all women to embrace our individuality and strength. When we choose to live authentically and do what we love, we are our true self.

KEEPER Denim is inspired by strong, confident, independent women. We create jeans that blur the lines between comfort, style and sustainability, empowering us as women to own our uniqueness and consciously consider our impact on our planet.

Australian made

Our jeans are ethically handcrafted in Melbourne by our denim artisans who have more than 30 years of experience in denim manufacturing. We are dedicated to having a transparent supply chain, having sourced the highest quality sustainable fibres from organic cotton to recycled materials, that respect our planet, so our jeans will last a lifetime.

Giving Back

We believe in giving back, which is why we donate $5 from every pair of jeans sold to the International Elephant Project (IEP), a not-for-profit organisation who support the conservation of elephants in Sumatra, Indonesia through the protection of rainforests and local community partnerships.

These emotionally intelligent creatures form incredible bonds with each other over their lifetime, similar to humans, however one of the main threats the elephants in this region face is loss of habitat, due to forests being cleared for agriculture. They enter the farms for food, causing conflict between the farmers and the elephants.
IEP work with the local communities to help reduce these issues through education and by protecting the elephants’ natural habitat and the ecosystem within it, with a hope to create an environment where both humans and elephants can co-exist.
Keeper Denim supports a world where both humans and all animals can co-exist.
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