Busting Sustainable Myths Part 2

At KEEPER Denim, we are busting some more common sustainable fashion myths. A few weeks ago we did a post busting out first top 5 myths, now we are doing part 2!

When it comes to sustainable fashion, the journey involves a lot of learning as you go, so like we have said before - you don’t need to be perfect. You can still make a positive impact by changing some of your habits as you discover new things on your journey to sustainability.

See below for 5 more common sustainable fashion myths:

MYTH 1: All Sustainable Fashion is More Expensive  

Yes, it is true that many ethical and sustainable brands have pieces that are ore expensive compared to the fast fashion alternatives. However, keep in mind this is because they are made from sustainable fabrics and the people who made them are paid a fair wage, so this increases the manufacturing costs. They are also much high quality than the fast fashion alternatives, so if you do spend more on each piece, you will be able to keep them for many years to come. However, sustainable fashion also includes second-hand or vintage clothing that can be purchased online, from your local op shop or even swapping with your friends!

MYTH 2: Sustainable Brands are Hard to Find

This may have been true many years ago, but today we are spoilt for choice! There are a wide range of ethical and sustainable fashion labels to choose from both internationally and locally! Plus, there are even resources available to you that can help you locate these brands. For example, you can check out the Good on You app which rates over 2,000 fashion brands on a scale of 1 to 5, in terms of how sustainable and ethical their business practices are. It also provides a summary of the key criteria used to generate the rating.

MYTH 3: I am Powerless to Change the Industry   

As a consumer, you have the power to choose which brands you support, so you are essentially – voting with your dollars. Support brands that have values that align with yours and don’t purchase from brands that you are unsure of and instead ask them questions – where are their clothes made? do they pay their garment workers fair wages? what fabrics do they use? The more questions you ask, the more that brands will realise their customers value transparency, and this will help to bring about change within the industry.

MYTH 4: All Vegan Leather is Eco-Friendly

There are a wide range of vegan leathers available today and many of them are eco-friendly, however not all of them are. For example, popular vegan leathers include PU (polyurethane) or PVC (polyvinyl chloride) both of which are made from plastic and therefore have a negative impact on the planet as they don’t breakdown over time.

MYTH 5: It Doesn’t Matter How Much You Buy, if You Recycle

Some of the fast fashion brands today now have recycling programs in place, where they have donation bins in their stores, where you can drop off your old clothes and often receive a discount for your next purchase. Unfortunately, many of the fabrics used in this clothing cannot be recycled so they often end up in landfill. A better option may be to repair any damaged clothes so you can keep them for longer, donate them to an op shop or swap them with your friends.


We hope you found our KEEPER Denim Part 2 post on busting the common sustainable fashion myths insightful and one you can refer back to when you’re next shopping for new pieces.

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