How to Care for Your Jeans

The more you wear your jeans, the more they will begin to reflect your story and how you wear them. They will start to develop character such as light fading on the legs and creases in the hips from crouching or sitting routinely.

When you make an investment in a great quality wardrobe staple like a pair of jeans, you want to make sure they stand the test of time, whilst taking care of our planet too.

Here are our top tips on how to care for your KEEPER Denim jeans sustainably, to make sure they last for many years to come and you reduce your impact on the environment:

Wash less often

We recommend washing your jeans less often, to help save both energy and water usage which will reduce your carbon footprint and benefit the planet.

Do full loads

When you do wash them, make sure you do full loads, as the washing machine uses the same amount of energy whether you have a half or full load. That way you can reduce the number of times you have to do the laundry (we will all be happy about that!) and you will save more energy.

Wash Inside Out

Place your KEEPER Denim jeans in the washing machine with similar coloured items and turn them inside out. This will help to protect the outside of the denim against fading and shrinkage, with multiple washes over time, making them last much longer in your wardrobe!

Use cold water

Energy is required to heat up the water, so by using cold water whenever possible, you will help to reduce your energy usage and the planet with thank you for it.

Opt for Natural Detergents

When we use conventional detergents, the wastewater run-off ends up in our drainage system and can pollute our waterways. By choosing eco-friendly detergents that are free from artificial additives, you will help to reduce water pollution and your skin will love it too!

Air dry when possible

When possible air dry your jeans rather than putting them in a dryer as you will reduce your energy usage. You will also preserve the quality of your jeans as air drying is a gentler option, rather than putting them in a dryer, which may weaken the fibres within the denim fabric.

No ironing

That’s something we all love to hear! Because our jeans have an element of stretch in the denim, within the first hour or so of wearing them, the crinkles will disappear. This will save both energy and time, who could complain about that!


Prolonging the life of your KEEPER Denim jeans, by either repairing or up-cycling them is important to us as it helps to reduce our impact on landfill. So once your jeans come to the end of their life, you can return them back to us and receive a 10% discount when you purchase your new pair.

We hope you found these tips on how to care for your KEEPER Denim jeans useful for when you next do the laundry!

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