Zero Emissions Day

Did you know the 21st September is Zero Emissions Day? If you haven’t heard of Zero Emissions Day before, it is a worldwide movement to help spread awareness about climate change and encourage the use of sustainable, renewable energy resources rather than fossil fuels.

The movement started back in 2008 when there was a call for the 21st September to be a day where no fossil fuels were consumed. The message was simple – to give our planet one day off per year. This idea came from the fact that people often get a ‘rest day’ so why not give our planet a rest day from emissions and pollution!

Electricity, something that we all use every day, is primarily derived from fossil fuels, the biggest contributor of emissions into the atmosphere. The amount of energy consumed by modern society is huge. With new electronic devices frequently becoming part of our daily lives, most of which need to be charged via electricity, this is an issue that continues to grow.

How to Celebrate Zero Emissions Day

We can use this day as an opportunity to raise awareness about the amount of fossil fuels that are used and the effects they are having on climate change. We can also share information about how each of us can help reduce our carbon footprint (the amount of carbon dioxide we release into the atmosphere).

Since a lot of our electricity is derived from fossil fuels, the best way we can reduce our emissions is to reduce the amount of energy, particularly electricity, that we use in our daily lives.

Here are KEEPER Denim’s top tips on how to reduce your energy usage both on Zero Emissions Day and every day:

Turn off Heating/Cooling

Turn off any heating/cooling systems before you leave the house.

Turn off Appliances/Electronics

Turn the switch off at the wall for any household appliances, computer and/or printer when you’re not using them. In your down time, instead of watching TV or doing any other activities that involve the use of electronics, try catching up with a friend, going for a walk or playing a board game.

Use Heating/Cooling More Effectively

If possible, close any doors to shut off the rooms that you’re not using in your house, so you are only heating/cooling the rooms you’re currently in.

Choose to Bike, Walk or Take Public Transport

Instead of using your car to get to work or run errands, try where possible to walk, ride a bike or use public transport, not only will this reduce energy usage, but it can also be great exercise!

Plan a No-Cook Meal

Kitchen appliances use energy, so trying to make a meal that requires no cooking is not only a healthy alternative, but it will also save energy. Some examples include salads, rice paper rolls, wraps sandwiches, rolls, the list is endless!


We hope you found these KEEPER Denim tips useful! These small, everyday changes in your power consumption are cheap and easy to do and they all add up to making a big positive impact on our planet.

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